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Our goal is a secure retirement

Michael Garber, CFP(r)


Develop  and Implement Your Plan

When you engage with Michael Garber Financial Planning, we will work together to clarify your goals.  What matters most to you and your family? What experiences and achievements are your top priorities?

You likely already have many pieces of your financial plan in place, but they may not be coordinated or as effective as they could be. We look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly. We call this holistic financial planning.

Our goal is to own a home

Discover Your True Goals


Our own deepest values give meaning to our goals and the roles we play in life. We want a secure retirement, college for children or just the ability to pay the bills after we stop working. It's never too early - or too late - to clarify goals and develop a plan to reach them.


Michael Garber Financial Planning was established in 2005. Michael has earned the Certified Financial PlannerTM marks, and is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor.  Michael was educated as an engineer, and has worked in a variety of high-technology roles prior to entering financial planning. Michael served on the board of directors of the Financial Planning Association of Silicon Valley in 2012 and 2013, and is currently a member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and the Santa Clara County Estate Planning Council.

Investment Philosophy: The firm generally recommends a passive investment strategy. Passive investments typically offer greater diversification, have lower expenses and greater tax efficiency, and outperform most actively managed funds over the long term.

Michael Garber Financial Planning is a Fee-Only firm, committed to providing objective advice to people from all backgrounds, so they are empowered to build a more secure future. The firm is a Registered Investment Adviser in California.

How We Work Together

Financial planning is an iterative process that provides you with objective, personalized advice on how to reach your financial goals.  We work together to define and implement your personal plan to move you toward financial strength. We examine cash management, account structure, risks and insurance, investments, recordkeeping, and planning in the areas of education, taxes, retirement and your estate.


Our top priority is serving current and returning clients. We have limited openings for new Open Rertainer clients at this time.

Michael Garber Financial Planning provides services primarily through an open retainer relationship, which includes holistic financial planning for a fixed fee over the course of one year, and envisions an ongoing relationship.

Open Retainer fees range from $4,000 to $20,000 per year, based on the complexity of your planning needs.

We also offer some limited planning services:

Project Retainer: Engagement for a specific planning project whose scope is defined at our initial meeting.  Fees range from $1500 to $3000, based on the scope of the work.

Financial Review: Limited consultation on predefined, specific topic areas.  Typical fee $995.

Financial Planning is a process, not an event.  We encourage ongoing planning relationships, based on your needs.

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